After his life-changing 2003 experience (an alleged encounter with the spirit of a suicidal woman who repeatedly called his full name while in bed every night at 3:00 AM for a week) about a month after he moved into his old apartment in Trenton, Michigan, Zak "set out on a three-week ghost-hunting expedition to gather video evidence in attempts to prove [his] claim," traveling to the historic mining towns of Nevada with Nick and Aaron.

The height of their 2004 "adventures" occurred in Virginia City and the nearby Gold Hill, where they investigated the Silver Queen Hotel, the Old Washoe Club, the Virginia City Cemetery, and a cabin near the Yellow Jacket Mine, respectively. Afterward, the trio returned home to Las Vegas and shared their footage of an apparent full-bodied apparition walking across a ballroom in the Old Washoe Club, which local news stations broadcast throughout the area. After the airing of their footage, Zak and Nick traveled to Goldfield without Aaron to investigate the Goldfield Hotel, where they captured and ran from a brick that was apparently lifted and hurled by an invisible force.